Fire on the Mountain Brewing Company


brewing since 2011

After six years of slinging the best chicken wings this side of Buffalo, we decided to enter Portland's brewing gold rush and stake our claim! Fire on the Mountain Brewing continues the promise of our restaurant: serving fresh and delicious products from locally-sourced, high-quality ingredients.


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about the brewery


Fire on the Mountain Brewing Company has been kegging up some of Portland’s finest small-batch beers since firing up our kettle back in 2011.

We operate a 7 barrel brew system in Northeast Portland with an adjoining Taproom, and produce about 1,000 barrels of fine ales and lagers every year. We opened with 28 barrels of fermenting capacity, and have nearly quadrupled our capacity since.

While our brewery continues to grow, our mission remains the same: to make outstanding beer for excellent people. You can find Fire on the Mountain Brewing Company beers on tap at all of our restaurants in Portland.

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Brewmaster ben nehrling

We work a variety of ales and lagers into our production cycle, and take time with our small, seven-barrel system to make sure every beer pours at its peak freshness. Our beers are brewed to compliment spicy food, to be shared among friends, and most importantly, to satisfy the most discerning of beer lovers.

In short, we brew beer that we love. We know there are plenty of great beers out there. Thanks for trying ours.