BORN in the mountains.
Raised in portland.

Many years ago, on a cold and wintery night in upstate New York, Buffalo wings were born at Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar. Forty years later Sara and Jordan brought this Buffalo tradition to the Northwest, opening Fire on the Mountain’s first location on N Interstate Avenue in 2005.

We’ve been saucing up Portland’s best wings ever since, and now boast three locations in town, and one in Denver. Fire on the Mountain is proud to be Portland’s Original Wing Joint, and committed to serving up the best Buffalo wings this side of the divide!

Our Story

Jordan & Sara outside the original location on N Interstate Ave. 2005.

Jordan & Sara outside the original location on N Interstate Ave. 2005.


2003 - 2005: The Wonder Years

During the fabled summer of 2003, owners Sara & Jordan hatched an idea. Sara was fresh off her fifth season skippering whitewater rafts down the Arkansas river, and Jordan was just out of law school. As they hiked and danced their way around the country they began to share a notion: what if we open a Buffalo Wing restaurant—one focused on spicy sauces and crispy wings. A business focused on its community. Basically, a place where good people can share good food while listening to groovy music.

Everyone thought they were nuts. But two years later…


2005 - 2008: A Star is born

Our first customers arrived on January 1, 2005. Sara & Jordan were slinging wings with a bare-bones staff, a few beers on draft, and the beginnings of our now legendary sauce lineup.

It didn’t take long for the line to stretch around the block, and Sara & Jordan soon realized they’d need a bigger space to satiate Portland’s wing-hunger.

The original sauce lineup, circa 2005.

The original sauce lineup, circa 2005.

Sara & Jordan in front of our E Burnside location. 2008.

Sara & Jordan in front of our E Burnside location. 2008.


2008 - 2010: The Golden Age

We opened our Burnside location in January of 2008—three years after Interstate sauced up its first wings. With more space (& twice the fryers!) Sara and Jordan could really start stretching their wings.

We added the Buffalo Chicken Wrap and The Emma, expanded our menu to keep pace with Portland’s ravenous wing-eaters. Both locations featured live music, long lines, and happy, spice-filled customers.


2011: doubling down

With two successful locations in Portland, Sara & Jordan decided to up the ante and open a location in the Cully neighborhood. Larger than Burnside, the building had space for an attached brewery and a large covered patio. Thus Fire on the Mountain Brewing Company was born, and Jordan purchased a pizza oven to bring another NY staple to Fire on the Mountain.

Fire on the Mountain’s Fremont location, opened 2011.

Fire on the Mountain’s Fremont location, opened 2011.

Fire on the Mountain’s location in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood.

Fire on the Mountain’s location in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood.


2012: back to the mountains

In response to clucking Coloradans, Sara & Jordan decided to reach back to their roots and open a location in Denver, Colorado with good friends Cheech & Andrea. It was (and still is) an instant hit, bringing Fire on the Mountain’s delicious wings and award-winning sauces east of the Rockies.


2016: Drinks in the Office

As Fire on the Mountain Brewing Company continued to grow production, Sara & Jordan decided to open an adjoining Taproom. It seemed only natural to build out offices on the second floor, overlooking the quaint bar featuring specialty brews and fine whiskeys.



2016 - present: Still Winging It

For all their success, Sara & Jordan are still doing what they do best: serving up great wings and running a socially-, ethically-, and environmentally-conscious business. Since 2005 they have grown Fire on the Mountain into a Portland (and Denver!) institution, while maintaining their focus on quality, treasuring their 100+ employees, and becoming leaders in the Portland community.


Green is Good


We buy cage-free , antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and humanely-raised chicken. Our chickens roam on cooperative family farms in California on a vegetarian diet. They are processed without chemical additives and shipped fresh, never frozen. We buy fresh Piedmontese beef and Carlton Farms pork, and work hard to ensure all of our proteins are humanely and sustainably raised.

sustainability at work

We received a Gold Certification from Portland’s Sustainability at Work program, and we all divert all of our food and paper waste to composting facilities. All of our packaging is either compostable or recyclable (vegetable starch or bamboo fiber), and trees are never cut to produce our napkins and paper towels. Our spent beer grains are used to feed local pigs & chickens, and all of our discarded fryer oil is converted to biodiesel.


meet the team

Our mission is to provide great food and top-notch customer service. We want every wing to be perfect, and every experience at our restaurant to be fun and memorable. Meet our outstanding team:


drew simpson

I showed up at FOTM sometime around Nov 2006. I was hired (I use the term loosely) as a part-time cook. From what I can tell, my resumé landed in the wrong pile and I ended up on the schedule... I've been here ever since.

First Concert: Fitz of Depression @Fusebox/Mixed company, Columbia, MO September 1994
Sauce Pick: Can't go wrong with El Nino.
Menu Pick Any variation of the oriental salad, preferably with chicken.
Words to Live By Liking Guns 'n Roses is better than not liking Guns 'n Roses.


Justin schramer
chicken wrangler

I grew up in the greater Pacific Northwest. I enjoy long walks in the rain and feasting under the grey skies. I started working at FOTM in 2005.

First Concert My parent’s band, The Ducks, in 1979. A lot of mullets, muscle T’s, and cut off jean shorts. I was 3 or 4 at the time and loved every minute of it.
Sauce Pick 3 way tie between X-hot, Buffalo Nam, and El Nino, AKA “MouthBlazer” sauce.
Menu Pick Buffalo Chicken Sando with fries. I think we have the best fries in town easily.
Your Should Know I wear black on the outside to mirror the sadness in my heart caused by all the lost souls out there who couldn’t finish the El Jefe Challenge...


maclean “Big mac” mullette
customer cicerone

My journey began as many do: furtively planting heather and crowberry in the Scottish highlands in an effort to cement my social position in the clan: slightly above goose-swaddler, and slightly below haggis-tester. Alas, in the dreary aftermath of a classic Scottish uprising I found myself roped to a longboat and acting as consort to a troupe of disreputable and voracious Viking raiders. After several long and salty forays along the Acadian coast we scuttled our boats in favor of a self-tamed herd of Appaloosa, riding bareback and askance through the Central plains until our blisters overcame our desire to pillage. We dismounted in Hell Gate, Montana--finding the cool waters of the Clark Fork river the best salve to our throbbing carbuncles--and formed an armada of inflatable river tubes that migrated harrowingly through the Northwest waterways until finding the swift, Pacific-bound waters of the Columbia. We disembarked on Sauvie Island, where a feast of saltwater pumpkins and over-ripe blackberries set me back in the domestic groove. I deflated my tube, barbered my dreadlocks, and found a more virtuous profession slinging wings and beer at FOTM.

First Wing March 9, 2008--Interstate location from fryer two, twelve minutes. 
Sauce Pick “Famous Spicy Peanut”
FOTM Mission Admiral of Customer Happiness, Front of House Vizier, and Retailer Extraordinaire. 
Kick Pick Soccer for FOTM Brewing Co. and flag football.


Jon Hunsberger
keyboard jockey

Some years ago--never mind how long precisely--having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me at sea, I thought I would drive about a little and see the western part of the country. With luck, my carpet-bag and I struck land at FOTM.

First Concert The Rustic Overtones
First Wing 2008 Burnside location
Author Pick Anyone but Melville, whom I absolutely will not tolerate, due to whaling rights and such. 
Sauce Pick Jamaican Jerk
Beer Pick Shocks of Sheba. It pairs splendidly with Fried Pickles or Fried Oreos, depending on my mood ring.


ben jolley
interstate pit boss

Born on the third floor of a two-story hay barn, I spent my childhood herding chickens and forklifting superbales into upscale and unreachable places. After a brief run on the pageant circuit I found my true calling atop a unicycle: serial museum-art toucher, and cicerone to Portland’s bottom-brow whiskey shops. In 2013, after a life-and-game-changing Nickelback concert, I decided to trade in my pleated unicycle shoes for some fryer tongs, and I’ve been serving up Portland’s best wings ever since.

First Concert Raffi, 1991.
Favorite Painting: Bad Route, Miguel Calderon.
Sauce Pick Bourbon Chipotle


conlan murphy
burnside captain

I was born at sea, carried to term by a hermaphroditic blue whale and lofted aboard a dory boat by a rookery of cantankerous albatross. After a few years of land-scuffing and chimney-swabbing in Homer, AK, I hired a romp of saltwater otters to pilot my boat south while I shilled landwards for a gang of card-and-dice-swindling elk. Eventually my toe-webbing retreated, and in 2001 the spiny-finned caudax nefariously bejeweling my coccyx was seized by mounted police during Kid Rock’s encore set, leaving me little choice but to walk south from the Tacoma Dome, landing at FOTM eleven years later.

First Concert: Jonas Brothers, 2002
Home Port: Pacific City, USA 
Menu Pick: The Emma