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Fire on the Mountain Brewing has been brewing some classics since 2011, but we also like to shake it up with specialty one-off batches, seasonal experimentations, and other adventurous brews.

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the standards

The standards are our favorite Fire on the Mountain Brewing beers. We’ve been brewing them all for years, and we almost always have the whole lineup on draft at our locations.




6.8% ABV // 68 IBU
Clean, dry, and hoppy

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This Northwest IPA is inspired by KBOO's mainstay Reggae program Shocks of Sheba. As strong as its inspiration, this ale is brewed with 100% organic malt and copious amounts of hops. Clean and clear with great riddim and a good vibe.




6.6% ABV // 30 IBU
Rich, smooth, and chocolatey

Mud side portrait.jpg

"Well you know when I plug into your socket, I can charge you like no one else can." - Muddy Waters

Our house stout has been a favorite since we started brewing. It features rolled oats for a smooth finish, and Magnum & Willamette hops to balance this sturdy ale.




5% ABV // 43 IBU
Light, refreshing, and sessionable

Rye side portrait.jpg

Our session ale is designed to pair brilliantly with Buffalo wings. This golden ale is brewed with a hefty base of rye malt for a crisp, dry finish. Light, refreshing, and a perfect palate cleanser after eating some Buffalo wings. (We recommend Bourbon Chipotle with the Wonderin’ Rye).




5.3% ABV // 57 IBU
Malty, balanced, and complex

Amber side portrait.jpg

We created the Hoosier Amber to satisfy those looking for a balanced ale. The backbone of this ale is built on aromatic amber malts, and finished with Willamette hops for a smooth finish—the result is both malty & drinkable, with a complex character that can only be described as “Portland’s Finest Amber.” We’re making Bloomington proud!


the regulars

Here are some of the staple beers that we generally brew every year. We produce more of some than others, but you can generally count on seeing these beers for at least a month or two every year.



SPRING / IPA — Big Vern is a sturdy IPA for our tempestuous spring weather. We brew this seasonal on the Vernal Equinox for a bio-dynamic twist, and go a little overboard on the Cascade and Mosiac hops. 6.3% | 72 IBU



SUMMER / PILSNER— This crisp and refreshing Northwest Pilsner is brewed with Pils, Carapils, and Vienna malts. Nugget, Santiam and Sterling hops lend a subtle grassy flavor, resulting in a light and tremendously drinkable lager. 5.0% | 13 IBU


WINTER / NW Red — A complex recipe makes this NW Red Ale perfect for staying ‘hoptomistic’ during Portland’s winter. Focused on roasted malts and robust hops, you’ll wonder how we packed so much flavor into one pint. 6.5% | 70 IBU 

lefty lager

OKTOBERFEST / MARZEN LAGER — Our Oktoberfest lager is a fall staple. With a crisp finish, amber color, and an aroma reminiscent of Bavarian pretzels, this is the perfect beer for the clear and cool days of Fall. 5.5% | 36 IBU


big in japan

WINTER / IPA — This big IPA resonates with piney Chinook and tropical Sorachi Ace hops. We brew it with rice for a clean malt flavor, and dry hop with Citra for a dry, bitter finish. Kampai! 7.5% | 65 IBU


SUMMER / KOLSCH — Put the fire out with an ale brewed using Pilsner, Vienna and Wheat malts. The beer is complimented by the unique Sorachi Ace hop which lends tropical, citrus and pine flavor. 5.5% | 36 IBU

cherry bruin

SUMMER / BELGIAN BROWN ALE — The beer so nice we fermented it twice! After the initial fermentation this classic Belgian Brown ale gets soaked over Oregon cherries, reactivating the yeast and lending a fruity complex of flavors. 5.8% | 6 IBU 

Une biere pour adelaide

SPRING / BELGIAN IPA — A NW-style IPA meets Ardennes yeast—our Belgian IPA is a feast for the tastebuds. We add 5 types of hops in the boil, and dry-hop it with Citra for an added aroma of citrus. 5.5% | 36 IBU


fresh hops

FALL / VARIES — We brew a variety of Fresh Hop beers every year during harvest season (August - October). For us, this is one of the most exciting, creative, and delicious times of the year. Various % + IBUs