Renting the Taproom

About the space

Our taproom accommodates about 20 good friends. You can squeeze in more if everyone is on especially good terms. We use Sonos for music, so you'll be able to control the music from almost any mobile device. We do not have televisions.


We expect your party to spend at least $400, and we charge a flat rental fee of $50 for three hours. If you're interested in a longer rental each additional hour is $25. If your tab at the end of the evening is less than $400 we will add the difference onto your bill at that time.


We can work with you to make sure the drinks are perfect for your party. Our beer list is always rotating, but we'll do our best to have your favorite FOTM beers on tap. We don't have a full bar, but we do serve liquor: we're happy to arrange some special bottles or easily-mixed cocktails given enough notice.


We are more than happy to provide in-house catering services from our Fremont location. We can work with you to figure out the perfect menu for your party. As always, the bar will be stocked with some free, salty snacks.

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If you have any questions, comments, compliments, concerns, or just anything you want to get off your chest, feel free to email