We like it spicy, here at FOTM.  Way back when, before there was Fire on the Mountain, there was a dream to open a restaurant that served spicy food, somewhere on or near a mountain.  About 65 miles from Mt. Hood, FOTM has been keeping Portland spicy for almost 12 years.  That being said, we were honored to be included in the first annual PDX Hot Sauce Expo.  We were honored and we also had a blast.  With our mouths on fire, we chatted with longtime customers and visitors from other parts of the country.  The response was great and most people agreed that El Jefe is indeed no joke.  One woman did walk away after claiming it had barely any spice.  More power to her.  We also got to try some other hot sauces from around the country and world for that matter.  Adoboloco from Hawaii has some great sauces, especially their Pineapple offering. Char Man sauces from California were fresh and delicious.  Local favorites and the good folks from Secret Aardvark are always serving up some solid Jerk sauce and black bean garlic sauce. There was hot sauce made with Kombucha (Stinging Kombucah), spicy Horseradish sauce from Torchbearers, amazing spicy chili oil from local Hot Mama's salsa and some ridiculously spicy and delicious sauces from Puckerbutt as well as Cobra Chili from the land down under.  There were a bunch more delicious sauces from vendors you can check out on the PDX Hot Sauce Expo website. Not only was there omnipresent sauce, but we had the pleasure of witnessing wrestling matches, a spicy taco eating contest, a spicy pizza eating contest (we provided the pizza) and the highlight (at least for my daughter) the chihuahua beauty contest.  Thanks to our customers, staff and the good folks at HIgh River sauces for putting on a sweet, er...spicy festival that we hope continues for years to come.