We are seeking friendly, positive people who are enthusiastic about our restaurants and want to be an integral part of our team. We also look for people who are highly motivated, curious about learning new things and are always looking to improve and grow. We value hard work and a good attitude and we are looking for people who have a sense of responsibility and as well as a good sense of humor.


Expect hard work. Our restaurants are always busy and it is important that our employees are up to the challenge. Expect respect. Our business model is based on mutual respect and can prosper only in a cohesive work environment. Expect communication. We make it a priority to offer feedback about your performance and the tools necessary to succeed at your job. We provide new-hire training, schedule regular reviews and maintain open lines of communication with our staff. Expect benefits. We offer health, vision and dental insurance as well as a generous 401k to eligible full time employees.



Owners Sara and Jordan have both always had a passion for restaurants. Sara’s restaurant dreams began while working in her father’s bar and restaurant while she was in college. Jordan told his college roommates during his freshman year that he would open a wing joint one day. Creating a sense of community that comes from a great dining experience has always been their number one goal.


Our mission is to serve high quality, fresh and delicious food and drink in a friendly, comfortable, environmentally and socially conscious and fast-paced environment. We do this through superior quality food and beverages, legendary customer service and maintaining a warm, inviting culture with guests and employees alike. We believe that our employees are our most important resource and our success depends upon creating and retaining a staff capable of delivering an exceptional dining experience to every customer, every time.