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Below is a list of some of the beers in our rotation. Our list rotates frequently so make sure to check with your favorite FOTM to see what is currently on tap. Cheers!

Under the guidance of Brewmaster Ben Nehrling, we strive to provide consistently high quality ales and lagers.

Wing awards.

5% ABV 43 IBU

Our session ale is designed to pair brilliantly with buffalo wings. A golden ale, this beer is brewed with a hefty base of rye malt for a crisp, dry finish. Light, refreshing, and a perfect palate cleanser after eating those Bourbon Chipotle wings.

5.5% ABV 45 IBU

FOTM Brewing is proud to present Lefty Lager. Brewed using the California Common yeast strain, this lager is fermented at a slightly higher temperature than a usual lagering temperature. We then employ a west coast tradition of "cold chillin" to smooth this beer out. Enjoy!

5.7%ABV 54 IBU

Pancho Pale is brewed with premium organic barley, Vienna, crystal and aromatic malts. There is no shortage of hops. We use whole cone Magnum, Newport and Cascade to give our beer the hop punch you are looking for.

5.29% ABV 57 IBU

Subtle layers of malt build the backbone of this enjoyable amber ale. It is topped off with Willamette hops for a smooth finish.

6.32% ABV 68 IBU

100% Organic Malts, This Northwest IPA is inspired by KBOO's mainstay Reggae program Shocks of Sheba. As strong as its inspiration, this IPA made with 100% organic malt and copious amounts of hops, has rhythm and a good vibe.

5.54% ABV 36 IBU

Put the fire out with an ale brewed using Pilsner, Vienna and Wheat malts. The beer is complimented by the unique Sorachi Ace hop which lends tropical, citrus and pine flavor.

7.1% ABV

Belgian IPA. Pilsner & Rye malts with Sorachi Ace, Newport and Columbus hops. Our spring seasonal is a celebration of all things fresh and bright. It is also a welcoming to Adelaide, the newest member of the FOTM family!

8% ABV 17 IBU

While visiting the Amber Alleys of Gdansk, our ancestor, the Count Vorlauf of Bohemia, acquired an ancient Baltic Porter recipe. The noble brewer passed the recipe down for generations, when at long last, it reached FOTM Brewing Co. With a sweet start and a dry finish, this lager has warm alcohol notes, a mahogany body and a warm creamy beige head. Count Vorlauf would pair this beer with pepperoni pizza, but that’s just how they did it in Europe.

6.6% ABV 30 IBU

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. "Well you know when I plug into your socket, I can charge you like no one else can." - Muddy Waters
Wing awards.

Ben has been brewing professionally for seven years splitting his time between McMenamin's Highland Brewery and the Concordia Brewery at the Kennedy School. He is very excited to be on board with long time friends at Fire on the Mountain. Together, they are committed to matching fine quality beer with fine quality food in a relaxed and communal atmosphere.

Also, the new FotM Brewing Co. logo!